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Precinct 12 - 125 & 250 Yard | Ali Block | Bahria Town Karachi

Precinct 12, also referred to as Ali Block, is highly regarded by investors. It is known as "The Heart of Bahria Town Karachi" as well. Ali Block is one of those desirable sites that have previously attracted significant investment, and its notoriety is growing every day. By providing various plot cutting sizes, Ali Block has become a preferred buying zone. Precinct 12 may be the ideal area to live, not just for investors but for anyone wishing to relocate right away to Bahria Town Karachi for contented and happy life.

Location of Ali Block Precinct 12

Ali Block is conveniently situated at one of the sites that is easily accessible and is known as the centre of Bahria Town Karachi. It is next to the Great Jamia Mosque and has a direct connection to the 400-foot-wide Major Jinnah Avenue. The fact that this block is situated in front of Bahria Town Karachi's most prominent monuments adds to its stunning location.

Front left is where you'll find the Great Jamia Mosque.

Right at the front is where you'll find Bahria Golf City.

At the back, Bahria Heights

Moreover, Precincts 14, 15, and 15A face Ali Block.

Even Precinct 10A and Precinct 11A's fully built-out and densely populated villas are close by.

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