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Welcome to the future of real estate investing.

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Imlaak Marketing Investment Pool

Helping Investors Build Wealth Through Real Estate.

Our Mission is to help our clients to achieve their investment goals through investing in Real Estate because Real estate investments carry potential benefits, including competitive returns.

What is IMIP (Imlaak Marketing Investment Pool)?

IMIP is the combining of capital from multiple investors which, when added together, creates greater purchasing power (and thus more diverse and higher returning investment opportunities). By pooling resources (capital) with other investors, we are all able to achieve something greater than what we could achieve on our own.

We've all heard the expression, “The rich keep getting richer”. This is often because high net worth individuals are able to invest in Pakistan’s best performing, most stable real estate properties. In fact, the wealthiest already own most of Pakistan’s “High Ground”, of larger, more expensive, higher-performing real estate assets.

Few private individuals can afford to buy these kinds of investment properties on their own.


The opposite typically happens with smaller real estate investment properties. Smaller investment properties generate greater competition (because the less capital required to buy a property, the more potential investors there are in the buyer pool), which drives up the price and reduces potential returns - the principle of supply and demand.

Therefore, in order to seize the best investment opportunities, and assume the least amount of risk, intelligent investors should mirror that of high net worth investors, by pooling resources (capital). This will enable you to invest in those well-positioned, quality buildings, which offer stable cash flow and high returns. By pooling resources with other investors, you will be able to invest in the "High Ground" too.

Our knowledge of real estate economics and our proven process for applying that knowledge to specific real estate investments are the keys to our client's success.



What is the minimum investment?

Typically, it takes at least 05 million in investment capital to buy a large enough property to start seeing a higher rate of return and to realize some economies of scale. The minimum investment is really a function of how many partners you want. We’ve found that 3 to 5 are typically best. Most participating investors usually have at least 1 Million to invest.  This is not a hard rule by any means and there are plenty of exceptions.

The property management contract is typically


for a period of one year and can usually be canceled with 30 days' notice & deduction of a 10% service fee.


Why Choose Us?

At Imlaak Marketing, we want your investments to succeed. All investors need a plan, whether your goal is capital (equity) growth, maximum cash flow, realizing optimum tax benefits, or any combination thereof.

The experts at Imlaak Marketing will guide you through the complex and ever-changing world of real estate investment with confidence. At Imlaak Marketing, we know that lasting wealth comes from making the right decisions, at the right times. Knowing what to do in these moments is what sets Imlaak Marketing apart.

unique, expertly crafted, Personal Real-Estate Investment Strategy. We give you the best results because we have the knowledge and experience to create your best plan of action. We will guide you through those vital decisions of what to do, how to do it, and when to do it.

You are more than just a client, and we are more than just a brokerage firm. That’s why at Imlaak Marketing, we make a personal commitment to you. We will create your own,


We know we are only as successful as our clients. It is by providing unparalleled service that we keep our clients for life. Working side-by-side, year-in and year-out, we will proactively manage, assess, and strategize your financial investments through all stages of the investment life-cycle.

Glass Buildings

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Office no 209 & 210, 2nd Floor, Tariq Center, PECHS Block 02, Tariq Road, Karachi, Pakistan.

UAN -  03404045555

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