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About Mini Dams

Mini Bahria Dams have been constructed for complete drainage in Bahria Town Karachi after rains. The capacity of these Bahria dams is around 167.6 Million gallons of water. Bahria Town Karachi is developing more dams & increasing the capacity of the existing ones in the next 4 to 5 months to 275 + M gallons.

These mini Bahria dams also provide the community with efficient drainage of water. The success of these dams is clearly evident during the recent rainy spell. The entire city of Karachi was underwater except for Bahria Town Karachi after rain. All services remained uninterrupted and residents went about their daily activities as usual whether at the schools, offices, hospitals, parks, Cinegold cinema, Danzoo, or the Carnival. So whether it’s the rainy season or any other, Bahria Town is the right place for all weather

Not only are these dams a great asset, but they also provide a picturesque view to the residents and are a regular picnic spot for the residents.

This is testament to their efforts to not only effectively utilize natural resources but also conserve them.

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