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Precinct 11A &11B | Current Price and Update | Bahria Town Karachi

Precinct 11A

At the top of the hills stands Precinct 11A. One of the neighbourhoods closest to Ali Block and Grand Jamia Mosque is this one. There have been reports of 125 square yard villas being in possession in Precinct 11A. In Bahria Town Karachi, Precinct 11A is already populated, and many households there are already living up to world standards.

These 125 square yard villas in Precinct 11A are equally as beautiful, luxurious, and well-designed as the Iqbal Villas. The main distinction is the small number of villas and the reasonably low costs in comparison to them. So let's talk about the other specifics.


Precinct 11A is situated next to Ali Block, which is the centre of Bahria Town Karachi. The distance between Precinct 11A and the Great Jamia Mosque is 1 kilometre. Around this precinct are also midway advertisements.

The well-designed and well-maintained park that is a part of Precinct 11A continues to rank at the top when we talk about other attractions and features of the neighborhood. The Precinct 10A shopping mall is another major draw for these 125 square yard houses.

Precinct 11B

Grand Jamia Block and Ali Block are both located adjacent to Precinct 11B. It provides residential plots in the same category as well as 125 square yard luxury villas. These villas, measuring 125 square yards, are perfect for a magnificent home in Precinct 11B. The current costs of the villas are pretty fair considering that if you invested in a parcel of land in the same category, building a house would have cost significantly more.

These 125 square yard villas in Precinct 11B have exceptional architecture, stunning aesthetics, and top-notch amenities that rival the Iqbal Villas.


Precinct 11B is situated next to Ali Block, which is the centre of Bahria Town Karachi. This lovely neighbourhood is situated 1 km away from the Great Jamia Mosque. The Midway advertisements are yet another top draw for this precinct. The lovely park and the shopping mall of Precinct 10A are further draws for the opulent homes and plots in Precinct 11B.

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